BG7 is a modern, rapidly growing family of companies with a broad range of activity. Its main purpose is to create a real estate fund focused on the acquisition, management, and rental of facilities and land.

Our goal is to revitalise, repair, and remodel buildings. We work to breathe new life into homes and buildings that no longer serve their original purpose and give them new uses. We use cutting edge building technologies, and cooperate with architects to harmonise properties and their landscapes.

We are always looking for ways to be as socially responsible as possible.

We are a family-run Czech company based in Moravia, come visit us and see for yourself that things are greener over here.

The group was built on the cornerstone of ZLKL engineering. Over its more than 30 years of existence, the company has earned a name for itself domestically and abroad. Our products are an important component in the automotive, electrical, and water industries. We cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers such as Daimler, Miele, Bosch, Bang & Olufsen and Daikin.

With a range of activities from machine tooling, washing and degreasing, forming, welding and even 3D measuring, surface treatment, assembly and logistics, we are a vital business partner.

Caring for the environment is important to us. In facility renovations and new hall construction, we incorporate green roofs equipped with solar panels. The use of renewable resources, the pursuit of energy savings and the reduction of waste and recycling are an essential part of our vision.

Over time, our vision of a quality nursery school that would incorporate elements of Waldorf learning and help develop children’s English skills has come to be. The school has helped shepherd hundreds of enthusiastic young people on to further education in the years of its existence.

Language learning is an integral part of the modern world. Children who have passed through the nursery are quick learners who understand and use spoken English naturally.

The nursery is open to children from age two and as a benefit for BG7 group employees we help cover nursery fees. Choosing the nursery for your children gives them an individual experience with fun, creative activities, and plenty of new friends from the neighbourhood.

For several years, we have offered modern, affordable lodging in Loštice for our employees and those of other companies as well. Accommodation is available for everything from overnight to stays of several months. Comfortable and affordable lodging in twin rooms, with a shared kitchen, lounge and bathroom on each floor can be a good solution for you as well as your employees. Our current capacity is 100 beds, and we are in the process of expanding to meet growing demand.


For BG7 employees, we offer a discounted rate and priority placement in available rooms, and we prioritise the placement of spouses and other family members in the same rooms for their added comfort.

Securing quality employees throughout a growing company is no easy matter. That’s why we decided to expand our portfolio to include a recruitment agency. We specialise in bringing on new people for manual positions. Here our foreign colleagues have proved to be very successful in recent years. We like to debunk myths. Not only is a position in engineering in our country definitely not just for men, but our foreign colleagues often excel in performance and new ideas.

If you need someone skilled, who likes to learn new things quickly and language is not a barrier, do not hesitate to contact us.

We provide full service, from finding the right person, arranging all the necessary documentation, visas and residence permits to communication with the authorities. If you want a good job, get in touch and we will find the position that’s right for you.

BG7 Group companies are concerned with sustainability and social responsibility as well as the development of young talent. Our future lies in the young people who will grow into tomorrow’s managers and directors. So we support them from the earliest age.

Through the Medová školka nursery we develop children’s potential. We also support underprivileged children and help fill their tummies through the Patron dětí foundation.

We support students, both through cooperation with schools, our scholarship programme and a wide range of part-time jobs that they can try, especially at ZLKL.

We also understand the importance of sport, play and physical activity, which is why we work with clubs for everything from chess to football.

Of course, we also take an environmentally friendly approach and use renewable resources. To ensure that our future talents have a good environment to work in, we need to act now. We therefore install green roofs on our buildings, incorporate solar panels and use grey water wherever possible. This approach, in combination with educating our employees about the importance of recycling and water and energy efficiency, is a strategy worth continuing.